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We're in love with love.

We think animals are people.

We proudly publish romance and rom com short stories of 1500 words or less.


We are traditional and self-published authors who love short stories. We have shorts published in a variety of magazines and strive to be a place to celebrate romance and rom com works.

Our (Short) Story:

As people who write short stories for fun, inspiration, contests, or as way to connect with our readers and other writers, we realized there weren't so many places to submit romance and rom com shorts. These stories don't exactly fit the literary or sci fi market, and many in the romance world don't focus much on shorts. Thus, we founds ourselves lost in vacuous purgatory with our irreverent, sexy stories. Romance and rom com short fiction deserves a home, a dang good one if we might add, and we aim to be that.

Because seriously, who doesn't like reading a well-written piece about finding love in a mosh pit or in the midst of a fender bender?

Terra Weiss



As a former Director of Awards for Georgia Romance Writers, Terra Weiss has won numerous manuscript awards and is a two-time NYCM Short Story contest finalist. She's had flash pieces published in an TL;DR Press anthology and The Daily Drunk.


When Terra’s not writing, you'll find her with her spunky nine-year-old daughter, mad scientist husband, crazy like a fox mother, and the two six-pound dogs that run her house. Her hobbies include jogging at a snail's pace and reading from her iPhone.


Katina Ferguson

Guest Editor

Katina Ferguson is a French Canadian freelance writer, literary translator, and organizer of Atlanta Writes, one of Atlanta’s largest literary critique groups. She’s been published on,, in Vinings Lifestyle Magazine, and she ghostwrites blog articles for small local businesses.

Katina Ferguson

Eliza Peake

Guest Editor


Eliza Peake is an international bestselling author of sexy, heartfelt, small town contemporary romance. She writes stories with smart, saucy heroines, charming, swoonworthy heroes who love their women in all the right ways, and happily ever afters with all the feels. She also co-hosts The Misfits Guide to Writing Indie Romance podcast.


NYC Midnight


TL;DR Press



The Daily Drunk


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